Space Station Requiem

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We are diving into the planning and execution stages of Bantucky Con 2022 to be held on October 22nd. Our goal is to have a location secured by the end of May so that we can open up applications on June 1st. 

We are already accepting emails from previous vendors/entertainers on if they want to be included in Bantucky Con. Email: BantuckyCon@Gmail.com or CustomerService@GuildsofRequiem.com

  • The only DS/MLM Affiliate restrictions in place for Bantucky Con is one representative for each brand and no directly competing brands. Example: Mary Kay and Avon - first come, first to pay, first to vend.

  • Vending fees will be due by October 1st for published/printed media inclusion

  • October 15th will be the FINAL day to pay vending fees.

  • Once again, our check-in staff will NOT have the ability to accept payments at the gate and there will NOT be a vending space reserved for you to set-up in.

  • There will be ZERO late vendors signing up after October 15th. Five months is more than enough time to determine if you are free that weekend or not, as we do plaster our event all over social media and in local publications.

  • We were also informed, by the State of Texas Department of Transportation, that anyone who sets up to sell on State Property, outside of our event area, will get shut down by them.