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Belonging to one department does not preclude, nor exempt, a member from participating in the activities of another department. It is a way of simplifying tasks and tracking promotion points, plus distributing members across the “playing field”, so that no one department is “member heavy”, and that the tasks of running a chapter are more evenly distributed so that all members can have more FUN!


Includes the positions of Commanding Officer (President) and Executive Officer (Vice President). These two positions are responsible for running the chapter and ensuring that the chapter runs smoothly; are free of any political influences of any organizational affiliations; and are free of any political influences of governmental organizations or parties, biases, or any other prejudices that will interfere with the fun aspect of fandom. The Commanding Officer is ultimately fiscally responsible for the Chapter funds; is ultimately the only person legally able to enter into a contractual obligation in the name of the chapter; and is ultimately overall responsible to maintain the chapter image within the community as a whole.  The Executive Officer acts in the absence of the Commanding Officer as second in command. These two positions require working knowledge of parent organizations: Guilds of Requiem, Inc. and the ability to recognize, adapt, and form lasting partnerships with other fandom organizations. Ideally, the Commanding Officer is either a current or former Guild Master in Guilds of Requiem, Inc.

Command Department



The Communications Department is very much what it sounds like: they help the chapter communicate with the members and the community. We currently have a web space via the Guilds of Requiem, Inc. paid website, until such time as the membership base can support its own website fees and platform. Any member can assist with maintaining the web pages dedicated to Space Station Requiem, along with the publication of an e-newsletter to our members and the followers of Guilds of Requiem, Inc. website. Communications will also assist with Social Media platforms such as Facebook page/group, Instagram, and Twitter in promoting the presence of Space Station Requiem in Texas. Someone in the Communications Department should possess a strong grasp of the English Language, the concept of basic graphic design or layout, or be willing to learn. Marketing and/or Graphic Design experience is helpful, but not necessary, as Guilds of Requiem, Inc. has an Apprenticeship Program that can teach the basics. Having an outgoing personality and the ability to speak well with others is a bonus in this department. 


Operations will assist in maintaining the Membership Database and tracking of membership points. This department, along with individual department heads, will recommend promotions to the Command Staff on a semi-annual basis: January 1st and July 1st. They will also make recommendations for SFC Annual Awards.  Operations also assists the Communications Department with their projects and our online presence. The Operations Commanding Officer is third in the chain of command for our chapter.

Engineering/Search & Rescue

Engineering/Search & Rescue


This department is for members who are local to the main chapter, less than a 50-mile radius of Pipe Creek, Texas; do not wish to participate in the daily operations of the main chapter; or are “undecided” of which department they wish to belong to at the time of joining. Senior Staff for this department assists with Recruiting and Promotion Opportunities for all involved organizations.

Search & Rescue

This department is for members who are not local to the main chapter, greater than 50-mile radius to Pipe Creek, Texas; do not wish to participate in the operations of the main chapter; or are “undecided” of which department they wish to belong to at the time of joining. The Commanding Officer of Search & Rescue and/or Chief of Search & Rescue will be tasked with recruiting opportunities and work together with Communications to promote the chapter, by extension of that also promote Guilds of Requiem. Senior Staff for this department assists with Recruiting and Promotion Opportunities for all involved organizations.




The Medical Department will act as a liaison to the Greater San Antonio area of Community Service Opportunities. The Medical Department will also maintain a database of Emergency Medical Information for members at “away missions” (events) and be a point of contact in case of medical emergency during an event. Actual medical knowledge is helpful, along with membership in the Guardians Guild of Requiem, but not required. Senior staff of this department will assist the Sciences Department with their projects and goals.


The Science Department will act as liaisons for long distance charity and community service programs. Having a background in science is helpful, but not necessary to assist with science based activities at events. This department also has the potential of providing online activities/purposeful engagement on the website group and social media. Senior Staff of this department will work in conjunction with the Medical Department.

Security (Marines)


Security is tasked with scouting out locations for events in the Bandera County Area. They ensure that the areas meet minimum standards for a meeting, are set-up for the number of people participating/confirmed to attend, and are picked up before the last member leaves. Having reliable transportation is a must for someone in this department. They will coordinate with the Marines on activities and volunteers.

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