Annual Awards

Every year we want to recognize those who have gone above and beyond in the call of duty or performed good and noble deeds. The following awards are presented in alpha order by name of the award. Award qualifications can be found here Award nominations that are subjective in nature can be found here and are open from 1 January to 1 November, yearly.

Anyone that is wanting a grammatically/corrected copy of their certificate and the award pin that goes with it


Subject: 2021 Award Winner

Please be sure to include what you are requesting (did we spell your name wrong? rank incorrect? we are aware that a couple of words may have been missed in the creation of the certificates and that has been corrected on our master template) and/or the instructions for mailing the award certificate and pin to you. Certificates and award pins will not be mailed out to anyone not requesting one.

***** The above award was posthumously awarded. *****

***** Sadly, our community lost this major contributor due to complications of COVID-19. *****

Our EMH award is presented to those who have taken life saving measures during an emergency. Those who work as First Responders, Active Duty or Military Reserves, or in the Medical Field are exempt from this award when measures are taken during their normal duty hours.

The Madame Curie Volunteer Award nominations are open to anyone who volunteers at Guilds of Requiem and/or Space Station Requiem Events. More than one person can receive this award every year. Nominations can be made at anytime between 1 January and 1 November

No nominations were made this year for the following award:


New Year Goal: beat the Commanding Officer at recruiting new members!!! Recruiting is a part of my "job" description, as the President of Guilds of Requiem, Inc and Commanding Officer of Space Station Requiem along with other projects I maintain. New members bring new aspects and dimensions to our organization and all of the Guilded Projects it maintains, of which Space Station Requiem falls under. This is a completely numbers driven award, so be sure people tell us who referred them to Guilds of Requiem, Inc or any of the Guilded Projects!

  • Space Station Requiem

  • STEAMPunk Unit

  • Requiem Home, Hearth, and Heart (formerly Homesteaders Preppers Guild)

  • Master Procraftinators

  • Bards Guild of Requiem

  • Gamers Guild of Requiem

  • Service Dog Handlers Guild of Requiem

  • Guardians Guild of Requiem.

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