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December 2021 Promotions

As we recognize that many of our Senior Staff do hold Full-time plus positions in the real world, as decision was made this time last year that we would only promote twice a year: June and December. While we had several members who met the point criteria for a promotion at our 1 November 2021 cut-off date, they unfortunately did not meet the time in grade criteria because of this change. We also had several members meet, or exceed, their one full year of membership to be auto promoted from Recruit to Specialist, without regard to the number of promotion points earned.

The following promotions for the end of 2021 are listed by Department:

As this is a new program, we had several new recruits to it this year. Their initial promotion and assignment into the unit will be auto-granted. Several of the Cadets have been members of Space Station Requiem for more than a year and are now old enough to obtain rank under Starfleet Command Quadrant One Guidelines. A Command Staff decision was made to honor both promotions, so you may see some of these outstanding members' names more than once: here and in their chosen department. Going forward, Space Station Requiem Senior Staff and the STEAMPunk Unit Aerodome Captains have made the unanimous decision to promote Cadets through the STEAMPunk Unit ranks until they have reached adulthood.

Promotion to Specialist based on Time in Grade: