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Five Year Mission

The following members have been a part of Guilds of Requiem, Inc. and/or Space Station Requiem for Five Years:

Those who were not already a member of Starfleet Command Quadrant One were gifted with the option of a Lifetime Membership and accepted as designated by the rank of (Recruit). General Members of Space Station Requiem Facebook Group and website are not eligible for this award.

Anyone that is wanting a grammatically/corrected copy of their certificate and the award pin that goes with it


Subject: 2021 Award Winner

Please be sure to include what you are requesting (did we spell your name wrong? rank incorrect? we are aware that a couple of words may have been missed in the creation of the certificates and that has been corrected on our master template) and/or the instructions for mailing the award certificate and pin to you. Certificates and award pins will not be mailed out to anyone not requesting one.

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