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....From the Second Seat

This year saw me join in the ranks of an amazing group of people. Learning next to my captain and fellow members, I grew to take on the role of Executive Officer of Space Station Requiem. Something I, honestly, never thought I would do! I look forward to providing exceptional assistance and leadership for all who require it!

In my role as Executive Officer, it is also in my roles and duties to assist with updates to the official SSR website. Have you noticed the conventions for 2022 at ?

Yup, that's me! LOL. I will continue to update all the dates and locations within the next few days. If you know of a convention that isn't listed and would like to have it added, there is a form at the waaaaaaaaaaaaaay (yep, it's down there, I promise) bottom of the page to submit information about it.

Did you know that my first ComiCon attendance was this past December? I attended the Mission City Hero Fest here in San Antonio, TX, and it was amazing! I can't wait to attend more events and I look forward to meeting more of you!

May 2022 bring you and your families happiness and everything you need! Let's make this year ROCK!

Miki Gravely

Executive Officer

Space Station Requiem

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