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New Year and a New Outlook

Welcome to 2022! We are thrilled to see that you are still here to join us in fandom. The last couple of years have hit everyone hard and Space Station Requiem was no exception.

When we had our first formal awards ceremony at the end of 2020, I was still feeling the loss of a long time friend who was our Civilian Chief of Security. I had been honored to watch Josue go from the lowest one percent of humanity to a shining example of what it means to be a good and decent human being in the course of almost 15 years. He had gotten his life together and became an outstanding citizen in the community he lived in and in our organization. To be able to honor his legacy with an Annual Award in the fan club he loved so much, doesn't always seem like much, but it ensures that his legacy and contributions will always be remembered.

It was that driving need to remember those who have gone before that lead to a new tradition: a Virtual Memorial Wall. This virtual memorial wall will be updated on our website after each Annual Yuletide Celebration that will start with a moment of silence to remember those we have lost the previous year. We created a submission form that anyone can access during the year to let us know who they lost and their affiliation in fandom. We recognize that many may stumble across our group and the amazing things we do that we will allow limited submissions, by new Space Station Requiem Members (Guilds of Requiem, Inc./Civilian & Pet Fleet, STEAMPunk Unit, and SFCQ1 members assigned to Space Station Requiem), that predate the current year starting in 2023.

I look forward to all future changes coming our way, along with meeting new members, many for the first time, and those who have found their way back "home." And, so, I would like to start the year off with a Klingon Blessing:

wa' tlhIngan Hol pagh qamuSHa'taHvIS, pe'vIl DaghoSDI', maw'lu'chugh DataHvIS, 'IwlIj yIchaw'jaj ['eltaHvIS, qa'wI' Qong. 'ej SuvrupchoH SuvwI' 'ej SuvwI' je

New Year Klingon toast Someone to love, Coin in your pouch, Glorious battles to be won, Blood wine to fill your cup, Songs of glory, in your name, And a warrior's heart always near.

Translation courtesy of my son and his friends... as Mom might be slightly too tired to do it herself

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