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Rift Runners Submissions - U.S.S. Indianapolis

Rift Runners!!!

Do you have an article you would like to submit for our Semi-Annual Rift Runners Publication?

We gladly accept submissions from ALL fandom genres for our publication. Send them to with the subject title "{month}Rift Runners submission. All submissions need to be in by June 30th for July publication and December 31st for January publication.

Thank you to Mike Riley from the USS Indianapolis for his submission to this January's Rift Runners

Happy holidays! The holidays are always busy time for everyone and this year is no exception. COVID is still burning its way through our society, making even the simplest of tasks exhausting. However, the crew of the USS Indianapolis always finds time for club duties, as well as family, friends and the underprivileged.

The SFC Zoom meetings “Saturday Evening With The Fleet” held each Saturday night at 7pm have become a fabulous success! Much gratitude to Rex for all his hard work! Our attendance numbers keep rising, and everyone truly seems to enjoy their evening together. I, for one, try not to miss it for any reason!

We had our yearly Christmas party on Saturday, Dec 11 from noon until 2pm at the Riley home

73 S 6th Ave

Beech Grove IN 46107

We had a Star Trek T shirt contest, nativity scene coloring contest, trivia, a $25 gift exchange, and pitch in dinner. Everyone brought a gift, a drink, and something for the dinner! It was great seeing everyone who made it!

We had nine crew members come to Humble Impressions and the donation we made there was well appreciated. Let’s keep it up and donate once a month! Giving isn’t just for the holiday season, it is necessary all year round. Let us gather what we can give for those struggling so badly in this COVID crisis.

Happy 26th anniversary to the USS Indy and blessings for many many more! Congratulations to Rose Ciccarone on her new position as FC ADM. Well deserved, luv.

Thank you to all who make this Club the greatest! Brightest Blessings on you all. Have Love. Give Love. Be Love.

And as always, live long and prosper, my friends.

Specialist LissaDawne Scoggin

USS Indianapolis

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